Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Meet Luna Nightwyn and her 13-y. o. Protag!

Ronald: Hi, Luna and Crystal, I’m glad to have you on my blog. First off, like any good partnerships, I want to know how you first met.
Luna: Well honestly Ronald, I met Crystal when I finally sat down and started putting the idea for the storyline for my book Legend 13.
Crystal: Yeah, she was very indecisive at first too. She was going to start the first chapter with me, but later she went with my older brother Owen.

Ronald: Luna, tell me what would happen if Crystal weren’t listening.
Luna: Well, Crystal is only 13 and 14 in the book, so that happens more than you imagine.
Crystal: Hey Now!
(Luna glances over to Crystal and raises an eyebrow.)
(Crystal crosses her arms and sighs.)
Luna: It has led to a lot of my writers block over the past year.

Ronald: What do you like most about Crystal?
Luna: I like the fact that she is persistent and she isn’t afraid to let the reader know she is having emotionally weak moments.

Ronald: What would you say was the quality you like least her?
Luna: Well as a teenager, she makes some poor choices.
Crystal: Well, how would you react if the power went off everywhere? And as for Todd, we are not going there.

Ronald:  Crystal, how would you describe Luna?
Crystal: I like her. I mean she put me through many scary things. But I know she loves me.

Ronald:  Do you like being written by her?
Crystal: Yeah, because I know that she listens to what I think. If she had a scene in mind and I told her that I wasn’t going to do that, she asked me what I would do. It made several parts of the book waaay different. And she designed the Sap Sphere in Photoshop. How cool is that? I know her daughter Rosie who is 13, wants one and her book for Christmas. So Luna designed one on some website.

Ronald:  Luna, describe Legend 13 in a way that will appeal to my audience.
Luna: Legend 13 is about the coming prophesied date 12-21-2012. The date wasn’t originally set by the Maya people, but long before them in the age of magic. Long ago, a spell was cast to banish magic from the earth that had become contaminated by humans who used what was once a tool for self-serving purposes. This constant misuse tainted it and it became unstable. That is why for so many years people were tortured and killed in the name of magic, though today we don’t know why.
And of course the scientific community is left trying to figure out what is causing the black outs and strange phenomenon but as the year comes to a close they have to admit that there is more going on than first expected. Crystal and her family and friends then try to work together to prevent the veil from falling.
Crystal: You forgot about that secret society psycho that has been stalking us. He tried to shoot me!
(Luna looks at Crystal and shrugs.)
Luna: There are those who work against them, making their task even more dangerous.
Crystal: Understatement of the year.

Ronald:  Crystal, what you think about being fictional?
Crystal: Fictional? After all I went through, you’re going to tell me this all wasn’t real? AAaagghhh!
(Crystal rubs her hands over her face and tugs at her hair.)
Luna: Shhh Ronald, I didn’t tell her that.
Crystal: This is so not happening….
(Ronald turns to Luna as Crystal pulls herself back together.)

Ronald:  What in your life made you want to do this crazy thing of putting words on a page or in a file, and hoping someone cares?
Luna: The plot had been dancing in my head for years but then once the DSL modem went down for weeks and we had no T.V. or internet. I would write a bit then later my kids would come around and I would read it to them. They both loved it so I just kept writing. I ended up reading a bit to my older brother, and then he insisted that I write in a character to represent him. I figured if they all liked it, so much I might as well share it.

Ronald:  Now, Luna, tell me all about this book and prequels/sequels. – Spoilers can be left out. Crystal, you may interrupt, but I have the delete key!
Luna: There is definitely more. When I wrote the original outline, I had planned for a book two. There are so many more storylines I can go with it.
Crystal: What about Zachery?
Luna: What about him?
Crystal: Does he? You know?
Luna: No, I don’t know.
Crystal: Well he is one of the dragon people.
Luna: Yeah, and?
Crystal: Ugh! Never mind!
(Luna stares at Crystal a moment, shakes her head, then looks back at Ronald.)
Luna: Um, ok then.

Ronald: OK, Goofy stuff.

Ronald: Favorite piece of music or song:
Luna: River Flows in You by Yiruma.
Crystal: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Ronald: Favorite recording artist or group:
Luna: TSO.
Crystal: Oh My God, I  love Trans-Siberian Orchestra!
Ronald: ROFL! Do you even KNOW how many people beside us know about TSO!!?

Ronald:  NY Times or Post?
Luna: Both, I like reading mutable sources.
Crystal: Internet, but if the power isn’t restored I don’t think either will continue to exist.

Ronald:  Wine, beer, or liquor?
Luna:  Liquor. I have an intolerance for beer it makes me sick, same thing with some wines.
Crystal: Is he kidding? I am only 14! (Again, Crystal, ROFL - my main character was a pass-out alcoholic by the time she was 15, but she still wound up being CEO of a big Mexican consulting company)

Ronald: Poetry or song lyrics?
Luna: I am not so definitive. And it depends on my mood.
Crystal: Luna writes poetry… She has a book of a collection she had written since she was 13. So Luna’s poetry.

Ronald:  Pizza or pâté?
Crystal: What is pâté?
Luna: I dunno…
(Crystal pulls open her laptop and googles it.)
Crystal: It’s a paste made of meat. Sounds like spam.
Luna and Crystal: Pizza!

Ronald:  How do we find your blog, email you, or buy your books?
Luna: I am on Amazon, and Smashwords, and hopefully soon Barnes and Noble. You can visit me at or my Book’s site there are forms that you can email me right from these sites.
Crystal: There are links, videos, and neat stuff about the book on the Legend 13 site.

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  1. This was a lot of fun. Great job, Ron, Luna, and Crystal. :)